With increased use in the pandemic, industry warns of the risks of cleaning products – Prime Time Zone


Document details the cleaners available in the Brazilian market, with the inclusion created against Covid-19

Specialist warns of care for children and pets

The pandemic of Covid-19 led to an increase in the use of cleaning products. THE Brazilian Association of Industries Hygiene, Cleaning and Sanitizing Products launched a booklet to avoid risks to consumers. This is what explains the executive director of Abipla, Paulo Engler. “A regular product, duly approved by the Anvisa, he has tests of effectiveness, health and his entire chemical life duly verified. So, the user will not have, as long as he uses it correctly, he will have no difficulty or problem. Now, a pirated product you don’t know what you have. ”

Paulo Engler remembers the care of children and pets. “If you have pets and children that walk on the floor, imagine you pass on a product that has no idea of ​​its origin. It is a danger. The label is something very rich. It has a huge degree of information, in which the user can check all doubts. And also, on our website, our guide. ” The booklet details the cleaning products available on the Brazilian market, with the inclusion of products against the coronavirus.

* With information from reporter Marcelo Mattos