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According to the state secretary of health, in the last 40 days nine letters were sent alerting the federal government about the risk of shortages of medicines

Mister Shadow / Estadão ContentsGovernor João Doria blamed the federal government for shortages

The government of Sao Paulo He said that medicines for patient intubation should run out in a short time. The estimate is that the stock will be sufficient to meet the demand of hospitals for between 7 and 9 days. This Wednesday, the 14th, the state secretary of health stated that in the last 40 days nine letters were sent to the federal government warning about the risk of shortage of food. intubation kit. According to Jean Gorinchteyn, management needed to create alternatives to replace these medications. “We have medications in the state network that provide comfort for a few days, but we also need to support the municipalities. We have created alternatives for these medications through the use of chancels given by the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology and the Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine. There is no specific product, another can be used with the same effectiveness and the same clinical foundation. ”

Gorinchteyn says that the Ministry of Health kept São Paulo out of supply for six months and that the last delivery took place at the end of March, with only 6% of what was necessary to meet the monthly demand of the public network. The secretary also pointed out that the Doria management determined the emergency purchase of the kit from international suppliers to try to circumvent the problem. At a press conference at the Butantan Institute, the governor João Doria blamed the federal government for shortages. “There is no dispute, there is irresponsibility from the Ministry of Health, which determined the confiscation of all inputs manufactured in Brazil and did not distribute these inputs. Then let the manufacturers free to sell directly to state governments, municipal governments and private institutions. ”

In a note, the Ministry of Health did not specifically respond to requests sent by the state of São Paulo. The portfolio states, however, that it distributed during the pandemic more than 8 million medicines for intubation and that this week, a group of companies will donate more than 3 million medicines that will be distributed immediately to the states. The Ministry of Health also says that two trading sessions and a direct purchase via the Pan American Health Organization are in progress.

* With information from reporter Beatriz Manfredini