With the advance of the delta variant, Rio de Janeiro announces new dates for vaccination against Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


Adolescents from 12 to 17 years old must be immunized between August 23 and September 10

EFE / EPA / JUNG YEON-JE / ArchiveDelta variant is expected to become dominant in the capital in the coming days

A delta variant, formerly called Indiana, which has already started to circulate in the Rio de Janeiro, should become dominant in the capital in the coming days. The evaluation was carried out by the municipal secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz, who is concerned with the internal circulation of this new strain. It is already present in over 100 countries and has proved to be more transferable. However, in theory, it would be less lethal. This Indian variant of the Covid-19 there are already two confirmed cases in the city, one in Paquetá and the other in Vila Isabel. In the state, there are already two other cases. About 50 people are being monitored for having contact with those who tested positive for the mutation. The trend is that many are contaminated, at least more than 10, according to sources from Young pan, with the variant. The order now, according to the Municipal Health Department, is to accelerate the vaccination schedule to protect the population against the new strain.

However, there is a big problem: shortage of doses. The municipal secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz, even criticized the federal government in the purchase of vaccines, because the delay ends up affecting states and municipalities. “We hope that the Ministry can deliver all the agreed doses so that we can increasingly speed up the schedule. We have already anticipated twice and hope to continue anticipating. We were one of the first cities to launch the teen calendar and we hope we can keep moving forward.” On the evening of Thursday, 15, the city of Rio de Janeiro released the vaccination schedule for the coming weeks and confirmed the news that had already been anticipated by Young pan. Teenagers in the city will start being vaccinated against Covid-19 in the second half of next month. 17-year-olds will be vaccinated from 23 August. This teenager vaccination ends on September 10th, with those who are 12 years old.

*With information from reporter Rodrigo Viga