Woman gets sick and dies inside a supermarket in Rio de Janeiro – Prime Time Zone


Images circulating on the internet show the victim’s body covered in pink plastic while customers continue in the checkout line; scene caused outrage among internet users

Evangelista D. Argentina, aged 60, died after a sudden illness

A woman got sick and died inside the Supermarket supermarket in the São Conrado neighborhood, North Zone of the Rio de Janeiro, on Tuesday, 13. The Fire Department was called at 4:34 pm to collect the body of Evangelista D. Argentina, 60, who was taken to the morgue of the Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital. In the occurrence it appears that the victim died after a sudden illness. Images that circulate on the internet show the woman’s body covered in pink plastic while customers normally continue in the checkout line. The aisle of the establishment where the victim was was blocked by four shopping carts. The scene generated revolt among Internet users. “Stories that are repeated in markets. São Conrado supermarket, a dead person and people shopping. Revolting,” wrote one. “They covered the body, surrounded it with carts and continued to function normally. The commercial’s slogan says it all: ‘What I want is the price’”, criticized the other. THE Young pan tried to contact Rede Supermarket, but had no return until the closing of the article.