Woman throws daughter out of burning building to save child in South Africa; watch video – Young Pan


Victim was in a building burnt down by looters in the city of Durban; African country registers violent protests that left more than 70 dead until this Tuesday

Irfaan Hassan/Youtube/Video Playback Girl was thrown from a building, but is doing well

A woman trapped in a burning building during violent protests in South Africa had to throw her own daughter out of the building to save the child this Wednesday afternoon, 14, in the city of Durban. Images recorded by people helping to rescue the victims show the moment when she throws the child from inside the building towards another woman’s arm on a balcony. Then the girl is thrown to a group of people who were on the ground. According to the British Evening Standard newspaper, the mother and daughter are doing well, as well as the other residents of the building, who were removed from the place with the help of stairs. So far, the escalation of violence in the African country, which began last week, has left at least 72 people dead and more than 1,200 imprisoned. Most of the victims lived in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces.