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The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Pais, stated that the Carnival of 2022 of the city will not have rules of social distancing or reduced attendance this Sunday, during a public agenda in the Meier district, in the north of the city. Paes was decisive and showed confidence that the vaccination will allow the party to run normally. “The only certainty we have is that we are vaccinating everyone, and with everyone vaccinated, life returns to normal. Who will stay away from Carnival? It’s even ridiculous, asking a meter away. If it did, I would be the first to disrespect it. We won’t be widows of the pandemic, wanting to have a pandemic for the rest of your life. Science advanced, won, and allowed it to open up. So let’s open it, thank God”, declared the Rio representative.

The Carnival is scheduled to take place in February and was the subject of debate between the municipal health secretary, Daniel Soranz, and the president of the League of Samba Schools (Liesa), Jorge Perlingeiro, in a public hearing held at the City Council of Rio. Friday. Soranz was cautious in stating that the intention is for the festivities to take place, but it is necessary to assess beforehand whether the city will have low rates of contagion, in a favorable scenario for the pandemic. Perlingeiro stated that, if there is a need for a reduced audience at Sapucaí for the parades, he would prefer the event to be postponed.

Paes commented on other issues related to the pandemic while participating in the reopening of a square in Meier. The mayor said that the passport for vaccination will no longer be required in the future and that the city hall will actively seek out elderly people who have not yet received the first dose. “From what I’m seeing, people are very collaborative. Actions are now to open, get back to normal. My daughter herself went to a party Friday, big, and had to audition first. And people are respecting them, making them happy because they know it’s for the health of others. One more time and we stop demanding”, he highlighted, about the passport. And he added: “we will now reach a phase of active search. You’ll have to look for these elderly people, go after them, bring them to the posts. We are reaching a point of mass vaccine and now go to the detail, look at the final fix. Active search is the most important at the moment. Daniel [Soranz] spoke the other day of [montar postos de vacinação em] BRT, subway, drive-thru. We have to take a set of initiatives”, he said.